James Toner

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Furniture ~ Carousel Animals ~ Architectural Detail


Toner Studios

HC 70  Box 531

Pecos, New Mexico 87552





Enjoy a slide show of Jim's current project, a canopy for the Legends of the Forest Carousel. 


Commissioned by Peter Newland of Everett, Washington, the carousel depicts familiar animals found in the forests of the Pacific Northwest: the skunk, deer, raccoon, porcupine, coyote.


Hand-cranked, and designed for children, this beautiful carousel was completed by Jim in 1992, save for the finishing touch of an over-head canopy.


The canopy features many of the birds, flowers, and other forest plant life of the Northwest, plus additional small animals, such as the squirrel that comes to life in this slide show.



Click on the images below to see the figures emerge from the wood.




a blank canvas